After 30 wonderful years of making personalized dog bandanas, Wayne and Betty, the creators and owners of, have decided to retire.
We hope to sell the business as a whole so new owners can continue our service tradition. If not by sale of the complete business, we will liquidate the individual assets including 7,000 bandanas, almost 5,000 yards of fabric, 1,000 spools of thread and the website. If interested, please email: Until the sale, we will continue to fill and ship orders.

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Gone to the Dogs Bandanas

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  1. White Bones on Red

    White Bones on Red

    Little white bones on a red background. Learn More
  2. Classic Bones

    Classic Bones

    Little white bones on a red background. A classic pattern. Learn More
  3. Balls and Bones

    Balls and Bones

    Two of a dog's favorite things - after his owner and a walk of course. Learn More
  4. White Bones on Blue

    White Bones on Blue

    Two of our dogs' favorite things - bones and balls - on a blue background. Learn More
  5. Brown with White Bones

    Brown with White Bones

    White bones on a brown background. Pretty cute. Learn More
  6. Yellow Bones

    Yellow Bones

    Bones of many colors on a yellow background. A fun print. Learn More
  7. Dusty Paw Prints

    Dusty Paw Prints

    Returning from a walk after a dusting of snow results in dusty paw prints at home. Learn More
  8. Red with Black Paw Prints

    Red with Black Paw Prints

    Looks like our laundry room rug after Chloe, our beagle-lab mix, comes in after playing in the rain! Learn More
  9. Black with Vivid Paws

    Black with Vivid Paws

    Colorful dog paw prints. Learn More
  10. Pit Stop

    Pit Stop

    Enough said. Learn More